Give your business a competitive advantage

Businesses that succeed know that professional design and marketing, like a business plan or the right team, is an essential element to growth and success

We have had the pleasure of working with lots of businesses, from start-ups, solopreneurs, to teams of 50+. People that work with us have one thing in common, they understand professional design and marketing has the power to make their business stand out and grow.


3 common misconceptions about professional design and marketing we encounter regularly:

  1. "It’s expensive and not suitable for small and medium business budgets". — We discuss why professional design and marketing is an investment, not a cost. Read why here >

  2. "It’s cheaper and easier to do it yourself or use a freelancer". — If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur. Never never more true than with design. Amateur branding can harm your business rather than improve. Read why here >

  3. "It’s intangible. How can professional branding really help my business?" — It's not always easy to demonstrate a direct return-on-investment for design but consider how most people choose a bottle of wine. Most do still judge books by their covers. Professional design and marketing can help grow your business. Read how here >

(hug)'s business start-up branding package

We have helped lots of businesses get off the ground with our logos and designs. All of our clients have found our help useful and, importantly, affordable when starting their businesses.

Along the way we have learned what most businesses really need to start trading and created a design start-up package with just that. We can create extensive design guidelines but find these an unnecessary cost at start-up. Instead we create just what you require to start trading — from bespoke logo design, to bespoke Ms Word invoice/letterhead design templates and business card designs. 

With packages from £2,750.00, we give you all the essentials to create a professional and affordable brand presence that will help your business stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

Every design is unique. We’re not into cookie cutters and algorithms. The key to a professional brand is consistency. With matching business cards, letterheads, invoices, and email signatures you can be sure of a big business presence in the SME market.