Edward Gosling, Managing Director, Chivaree

After 3 years of running our company, our branding felt tired and no longer reflective of the quality of our work. We needed a total reworking of our visual identity. We have a lot of high quality images and video from our production work. Lou took this and weaved it all together, designing a new logo, business cards, website +++

It's hard when you run a small business to hand over control and say goodbye to the way you have previously done things. At every stage Lou talked to us about our needs, how we worked and what we wanted our clients to experience, he then gave us a considered response with two or three different routes to explore.

We felt in control of the process at every stage, but overwhelming trusted Lou's judgement.

He goes beyond designing something that looks nice, instead (hug)'s work is a blend of functionality and aesthetics that reflects our work creating beautiful things, matched with technical knowhow.

I have already recommended Lou to other people and I will continue to do so. He can take a project and work on both the small scale and bigger picture simultaneously. He's also a great guy. Look no further!