Robin Brown

Digital Marketing Virtuoso

Robin has over 35 years experience in marketing and business drawn from a mix of successfully start ups to Fortune 500 companies, spanning Europe, the US and Southeast Asia. Originally a physicist and electronics engineer, who developed a passion for marketing, odd but true, today he likes nothing more than helping businesses of all sizes get to grips with digital technologies and developing cutting edge digital marketing strategies to beat the competition.

Over his career, Robin has developed extensive technical and marketing experience in the creative, travel, telecommunications, legal, financial, aviation and health markets. He’s a visionary, big picture person, analyst and strategist, but who also quickly distils things down to a tactical level, developing business and marketing initiatives that make a difference.

To Robin, a successful digital marketing strategy, with its many distinct but interrelated elements, is rather like assembling a finely tuned orchestra; each element has to be perfect for the music being played, to suitably engage and entertain the intended audience.