Social media —
management, design and analytics  

In our experience, the biggest issues faced by businesses when it comes to social media are:

  1. The time it takes to successfully manage accounts.
  2. Not seeing any direct return on investment (ROI).

We help our clients by supporting your business with the day-to-day management of all of your social media accounts from updating profiles to posting new content and running campaigns.

PLUS, importantly, we also provide you with monthly analytics showing the direct effects your social media activity is having on your business performance as a whole, with 6-monthly and yearly reviews to help analyse strengths/weaknesses and make improvements.

Here at (hug) we don’t believe in simply ticking boxes — when it comes to our social media services our primary focus is ROI. Social media is great BUT combined with analytics is priceless. Make sure your businesses doesn't miss out on the benefits professional social media activity can bring.

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