Bespoke logo design

  • Do you have a new company, product or brand?
  • Are you looking to upgrade your existing logo?
  • Does your logo need to reflect a change in image or company direction?
  • Does your logo need adapting for small usage?

Your logo is the first thing a potential consumer will see and the last thing they will remember. Make it a good memory.

A logo is your company’s visual identity, an avatar if you will. A potential client’s first perception of your brand, and your most identifiable asset. Few would question its value to your company.

Having a professionally designed logo which reflects not only the nature and origin of your brand, but also your aspirations and values is a crucial component to connecting with the marketplace and being understood.

If you're launching a new business in a saturated market, or perhaps your existing logo no longer reflects your business, or needs tweaking to work effectively across today's marketing channels – then just let us know. We'll create something special to represent your business; a logo you can be proud of.

Our SME-friendly logo design and branding agency is located in the heart of Shoreditch, London. Pop in or give us a call and tell us what you need.

Our logo services include:

  • Logo creation
  • Logo refresh / redesign
  • Small usage (social, mobile, etc)
  • Brand identity design / development
  • Brand guidelines/toolkits
  • Email signature design + HTML

Logo Design.jpeg

Logo Design

Creating a logo from scratch is the seminal moment for your brand. It requires consideration of your values, your aspirations, colours, the nature of your business, the market and a myriad of other factors that all conspire to create a successful and memorable logo.

Logo Refresh.jpeg

Logo Refresh

Times change, products change, markets change. As such it’s necessary to ensure your logo is not only up to date and reflective of current trends, but also that it’s still relevant to your business or product.

Brand Identity.jpeg

Brand Identity

Great branding evokes an emotion within your customers. If you’re using different colours on different social media platforms, or different typefaces across your blog posts, you’re going to have one confused audience. Keeping it consistent is essential for building trust, familiarity and reputation for your business, and ultimately generating conversions and making some money.

Logo Small Usage.jpeg

Logo Small Usage

Do you look just as good on the small screen? With mobile internet usage outpacing desktop, creating a logo which is versatile and legible both in large and small format is essential in today's digital world.