Pitch Perfect: Why Presentation Design is so Important

Big presentation coming up? As a startup or SME, each pitch, tender and presentation has the potential to make or break your company, so every aspect needs to be flawless, including aesthetics.

Through your presentations and official documents, whether you’re speaking at a conference or tendering for new business, you are communicating your level of expertise, talent, and professionalism, so if the visual standard is low, your audience may assume everything else is too – and, let’s face it, that’s fair enough.

Here are three very good reasons why the visual design of your presentation is so incredibly important:

It's your chance to showcase your expertise

You’re the experts in your own industry and you certainly know what you’re talking about, but you could pack all that fantastic expertise into a presentation deck and still not make a great impression if you don’t make it look good. Yes, the world really is that shallow.

If you combine your expertise with a deck-full of well considered, eye-grabbing visuals and professional layouts, however, your knowledge and industry prowess will naturally shine through.

Tender documents, too, should act almost like a brochure for your business. If your tender is a plain word-processed document, how are you possibly going to communicate the personality and professionalism of your company when it’s laid next to a well-designed, easy-to-follow narrative from a competing business? You can’t, because there’s a science to communication, and this leads us nicely on to our next point…

There's a science to it

When presenting to an audience, you need to get a lot of information across as quickly and as succinctly as possible and, to do that, you need to design the information in a way that will flick that switch in people's brains from off to on.

For example, did you know that bullet points are considered to be presentation killers? Or how about that the colours you use can evoke different emotional responses from your audience. A well-designed presentation will be able to tell a story, influence people and make information easier to digest and remember (also known as cognitive load theory if we’re going to get technical about it).

Essentially, there’s more to it than just words and pictures on a page, and getting it right can mean the difference between winning or losing new business.

It’ll reinforce your brand

Remember our recent post about why a full branding package is so important for small businesses? Well this applies to your presentations too. Presentation decks and tender documents are essentially extensions of your company, your brand, and of you, so it needs to be consistent. If you give a presentation or tender for a new project with a deck or document that looks and feels nothing like your existing business brand, then you’re going to have one confused audience.

But where do I start?

We understand that pulling together the information for presentations and tender documents can take days, which ultimately leaves no time for design and risks all your hard work amounting to nothing. We also understand that not everybody knows where to start when it comes to designing a presentation deck. This is where the professionals can help you out.

Here at (hug), we're marketing communications specialists as well as designers, and we have the expertise, the tools and the time to perfect your pitch and help put your business on the map. 

So if you're in need of professional presentation deck design, give us a shout and tell us about your pitch; we’ll make you look good, slide by slide.