What Designers Really Hate

This infographic explains many things that people do to annoy graphic designers! The first and paramount among them is that graphic designers, most of the times, are asked to work freely, and in turn, instead of being paid, they are told that this will be good for their portfolio. Making your portfolio strong is a good thing, but people must also keep in mind that portfolio without money cannot cover the cost of living, and if people want graphic designers to work for them, they will also have to pay some money. The other thing that annoys graphic designers most is that they are compared to non-professional graphic designers all the time. There is a big difference with graphic designers with professional degree plus years of experience and those who only know the basics of designing. It’s really annoying for designers that hirers compare them to the online available designers which can work at very cheap prices. This, in turn, forces highly professional designers to work at very low prices.

Before hiring and after the work is done, people haggle endlessly with the graphic designers about the fee they charge. They are always asked to reduce the prices even when they are charging only smallest prices. Designers should get what they deserve, and hirers should also keep in mind that graphic designing is a highly creative task and not some sort of fish market. Another annoying thing for most graphic designers is that they are always asked to work from flattened files, and this only worsens the situations because it is really hard to work from JPG or PDF files. However, it is possible that flattened files are workable, but there certainly is a limit to that, and people shouldn’t cross that limit.

Another annoying thing for graphic designers is that they are continuously bombarded with MS Word files with whole photo albums in them. To worsen the situations, designers are further asked to rescale different images. There is nothing bad with rescaling images, but the problem arises when these images are of low resolution. You cannot rescale low-resolution images without losing their sharpness. Graphic designing isn’t the only option for designers to earn money; since they are creative, they can design different T-shirts and sell them at SunFrog.

Different hirers always keep on asking designers to make the logo of their website bigger and bigger; they never understand that there is a limit to that. Besides, bigger is not always better. You should also give the remaining content some space so that it can breathe.