How video marketing can bring breadth and depth to your business and brand

Guest post: Leslie Lewis-Walker 

With countless high street shops closing down and with people opting for the 'online' experience how can your business or brand be different?

All of us are using our smartphones for everything. I don't know a person that doesn't possess one (including my 75 year old aunty). This means we are reading less, because the screens are considerably smaller, and watching more.

Recent studies have revealed that people spend almost 2 hours a day watching digital video content - that’s more than they spend on social media! Cisco, the IT giant, projects that by 2019 video content will account for 80 percent of internet traffic.

Emotion is the key

So in this wild, wild west (www!) what can you do to engage your audience more to increase your ROI? I mention this specifically because as a business owner this is top of your priority list.

I'm sure that at least once we all have been inspired or profoundly moved by watching a well thought out commercial (even if it is scheduled in between Corrie). Perhaps a flash BMW ad with it’s moving images - the fluidity, the sounds. Video is appealing to our deepest core and our 'why'.

Personally I am a sucker for some of the Adidas ads. They promote a lifestyle, a meaning, and an escapism that can give me goosebumps. Ultimately, they create an emotional connection to the product, helping you establish trust. Trust is key in the equation because it tips you or I to buy! Trust can come in many forms and this is one of the main reasons why 'the influencer' is more prominent than ever. Falling into the mind frame of, if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for us. Though buzz words, loyalty and trust all lead to customers that will stick by you through thick and thin. With a video strategy the campaign lead has an opportunity to create a 3D way of drawing in the consumer, in whichever way they want.

With the right video strategy, you can convince people to buy your product or service. We are visual creatures. In order to really hit home and attract that engagement (ultimately leading to sales) take your time to research how you can tie your brand into a powerful story. No matter how old we get, we all love a story!


Leslie Lewis-Waler is a videographer that works with businesses to create promotional videos, assisting them to increase their market reach.

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