To blog or not to blog?

Blog. Definitely blog.

Here we are, blogging about blogging, to tell you why small businesses should be blogging. You might not realise it, but writing a blog is an incredibly important part of any small business marketing strategy, especially if you want to stand out in the ever expanding SME crowd.

Sure, it’s a big time commitment and you have to keep on top of it, but you’re missing one heck of a big trick if you don’t have one. Here’s why:

It gives your business a personality

Every small business needs a voice, and each of your branding touch points such as your website and marketing materials help share this. But with a blog you can take this one step further and really speak to your customers. A blog is your chance to share your business news, goals and achievements in a more personal way, and it’s the next best thing to speaking to your customers in person.

Through your writing you can give your customers a better idea of the sort of business you are, and make you seem like more than just a logo and a product.

It’s an essential SEO boost

Yep, we’re on SEO again. You really can’t ignore it if you want your business to succeed, and blogging is a free and easy way to boost your rankings in Google search. With each new blog you’re creating a new page for Google to index, which means new chances to be discovered in search results.

Google loves content, and rewards you for creating it by ranking your website higher in relevant search results –  if it’s good content that is. Good content is well written and not stuffed full of keywords, but created to solve a genuine problem or provide real value for readers. If you create this sort of content you’ll be able to outstrip any competition that isn’t creating any.

It can help you acquire more customers

According to HubSpot’s 8th annual inbound marketing and sales report,  marketers who prioritise blogging are 13 times more likely to achieve a positive ROI on their efforts, which highlights just how effective it can be for acquiring new customers.

Your blog posts are the perfect sort of content for sharing on social media channels as well as on your own website, which creates more chances for your business to be discovered and can help drive new traffic to your website, potentially generating new business leads along the way.

It builds credibility

Sharing your thoughts and expertise in your field via a blog is the quickest and easiest way to position your business as an authority in the eyes of your target market. The more useful content you share, the more your customers will consider you as a thought leader in your sector, and you may even find journalists approaching you for interviews or comments, which is incredible free PR for your business.

This increased credibility can then be turned into solid and measurable sales results. Think about it, the more potential customers find their questions being answered by content from your company, the more likely they are to trust you and engage in the sales process.

It’s easy and free

When it comes to affordable marketing techniques, they don’t come much easier (or cheaper) than blogging. As a business owner, you’ll already know a thing or two about your market sector, so you’ll naturally have a lot of knowledge to share. So why wouldn’t you share it?

A blog post doesn’t have to be essay length; it doesn’t even have to involve words if you’re not a natural copywriter. You can share videos, infographics, podcasts and photos if you want to, so long as it’s content that your audience will find interesting or useful you can blog about it,  and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny if you do it yourself.

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