No time for social media? There's a solution

Social media has become a force to be reckoned with over the last few years. Trends and algorithms are constantly changing and new platforms are popping up left, right and centre. These platforms, originally designed to allow users to connect with their friends, are now valuable marketing tools especially for small businesses on small budgets but there’s a lot of learning to be done if you want to make the most out of them.

Customers are doing their research online before they even think about venturing into a shop and if your business isn’t there what will stop them turning to a competitor?

A lot of businesses understand that they need to be on social media and so start using every channel they can before realising how much time and energy they require to maintain. Customers are known to avoid businesses with an out-of-date social media presence which means just having an account on these platforms is not enough.

More and more businesses are starting to outsource their social media marketing to marketing agencies but what are the true advantages of this?

1. Expertise and Experience 

Put simply, the pros really know their stuff when it comes to social media. They can provide all aspects of social media marketing for small businesses and start-ups, and they'll also know how best to make it work for your business in particular. Using social media is vital if you want your business to stand out in today’s crowded markets but staying up-to-date with trends is not always easy when you have other priorities to focus on. Starting from scratch on your own can be overwhelming, but that’s why there are professionals and agencies out there who do what they do. They can help your business stay current and at the forefront of your industry.

2. Your Time

According to Social Media Today, 43% of small businesses spend about 6 hours per week on social media. That’s roughly 24 hours a month and this does not include keeping up with changes in trends, researching into what your competitors are doing or finding interesting and engaging content to share with your audience. So let the professionals worry about your social media marketing so you can focus on building your business.

3. Consistency

If you’re having a busy week and no one has time to think about your social media channels what happens? Does your online community get forgotten about? Do they start to turn to competitors? If you outsource your social media marketing this won’t be a problem. Marketing agencies can provide a foundation on which you can build, working with you, not against you, and making sure your followers never feel neglected.

4. Cost Effectiveness of Outsourcing

Firstly, when it comes to the cost of time, agencies and professionals have the experience and skill to be able to spend their time efficiently, saving you time and money. Secondly, they have access to effective analysis and publishing tools that, for a small business, would be too expensive to justify. Efficiency is key.

5. Analytics and Reports

There are a million and one different analytics tools you can use to analyse the success of your time spent on social media and each has its advantages and disadvantages. But, do you have time to sift through them all and work out which ones are best for you and which metrics your business should be looking at? Probably not. Social media marketing professionals can put together simplified, easy to digest reports of your social media activity and show you exactly what’s working and what isn’t. A breakdown of your channels and what you should do next will provide you with valuable insight into the true ROI of social media for your business.

6. Personalised Content

Content creation is time consuming. It also requires creativity and a fair amount of SEO knowledge. If your business isn’t particularly creative and no one has time to be writing in depth articles on why your customers should use your services, then it’s probably worth handing the baton over to an agency. They'll have a dedicated team of designers, copywriters and photographers who will be able to produce valuable, personalised content for your brand that will engage your audience and ignite conversation.

Speaking of the professionals, that just happens to be us. Whether you need complete social media management or you’d just like some help getting set up we’re here for you. We work primarily with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and our knowledge of these channels means we can help you start building your online presence straight away.