Save time and money…

We all face increasing pressures to work smarter, cheaper, better. It doesn’t matter whether or not you work in/with the creative industries – if you can explain, simply, what you want to achieve you WILL save valuable time and money. 99% of the solution is how you define the problem.

At (hug)london we receive creative briefs in many forms and standards. Over the years the one thing that stands out is that a solid brief sits at the core of any project, no matter how large or small. Without it, projects are at risk of veering wildly off course and producing results that are unsuitable for the clients needs, wasting time and money for both client and designer. As a design agency we are keen to produce the best creative work for the briefs we get to work on. Knowing that final designs are typically only as good as the brief worked from, we created this brief document for our clients. We hope you find this useful too.

View or download here.