5 signs it’s time to refresh your logo

A logo is your company’s visual identity, an avatar if you will. A potential client’s first perception of your brand, and your most identifiable asset. There are few who would question its value to your company. 

Unfortunately our experience has shown that many businesses treat their logo as a static one-off design, never to be re-visited. Once designed, often in the earliest stages of the business, it is then left abandoned, a little like the nerd at the Prom. Of course, like all teenagers going through that awkward stage, often your logo simply needs a little TLC to help it blossom into a kick-ass marketing tool. Take a look at the development of the Pepsi logo (above). Pepsi has evolved and improved over time to communicate the brand in a timeless manner, arguably with an expression of clarity. 

For those readers who are unsure about their small business logo design. This fantastic piece from Inkbot Design highlights the five signs that it is time for a logo revamp. Their team, and we wholeheartedly agree, highlights the need for a unique, professionally made, modern logo that targets your consumer base. 

We advise using a focus group (these could be of your friends or family, or ideally your current customer base) and asking for their honest opinion on your small business logo design. Question the types of messaging it sends, the emotions it evokes and how it compares with your competition. 

Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our expert small business design and marketing communications team on 0207 382 6207. We can help you with affordable design and small business branding services to suit all SME budgets.