3 Creative New Year's Resolutions for Small Businesses

Christmas is coming. Which means the New Year is also coming. Which means it’s a good time to reflect on the past 12 months and think about your business goals for the coming year, if you haven’t already. The start of a shiny new year is the perfect excuse to make some changes and improvements to your business, no matter how small or large.

Here are three creative New Year’s resolutions to help increase your business success and how design can help you make it all look good:

1. Invest in some fresh small business marketing

If you’re a start-up or small business, you’ve probably been spending the last year or two perfecting your product and customer service, so your business marketing efforts may have slipped down the list a little. Understandable as that is, it’s important that you start putting a marketing plan in place for the New Year to shout about the amazing things your business does and attract some new customers.

If the prospect of starting a small business marketing campaign from scratch hurts your head, you’re not alone. Almost all businesses both small and large need help with creating a winning campaign, and that’s where a good design agency comes in. Most design agencies and marketing specialists offer integrated services, so you’ll get help with strategy and promotion as well imagery and content. A well designed, integrated marketing campaign including e-shots, flyers, brochures and posters can give your business the extra push it needs to grow in the New Year, so it’s well worth considering.

2. Update your look

‘New year, new you’ might be a whopping great cliché, but it also has a point. If your small business branding is looking a bit tired, or you feel it’s been missing the mark with your target market, then the New Year is the ideal time to make a change for the better and invest in a rebrand.

Your business branding is everything, and if it’s not quite right you’re going to lose a lot of business to your competitors, so you need to package your company up in a way that looks good but also communicates your message accurately. With a good design agency behind you, you can give your brand image a shake-up with a new logo, new messaging, a new website and even a new name if you need one. And, before you start stressing about budgets, a rebrand project doesn’t have to cost the earth. There are many branding specialists out there who can tailor a project like this to suit your budget and needs.

Want more advice on rebrands? Head over here.

Get pitching

A new year means new business. And to get new business leads you need to deliver a good pitch. And to deliver a good pitch you need a deck that looks the part. Many brave small businesses attempt presentation decks themselves, and that’s understandable when you’re trying to minimise business spending.

However, a well-designed presentation deck has more power than you might think, so you need to consult marketing specialists who know both the art and the science behind what makes a winning pitch.

It’s not just about inserting nice imagery – anyone can do that. There are lots of other factors that can mean the difference between winning a new account and receiving that ‘thanks, but no thanks’ email. Layout, for example, can convey professionalism and creativity if done well, and can scream ‘amateur alert’ if done badly. And colours; they can transmit messages you weren’t intending or evoke emotions both positive and negative - but which colours have which effect? This is where your trusty design agency steps in to save you the headache. Surprise surprise, we’ve written a whole blog about this too.

So once the New Year’s Day Alka-Seltzer and pain killers have started to kick in and you’re ready to face the year, drop us an email here or give us a call on 020 7382 6207 and tell us about your plans for the coming year; our marketing communications specialists and creative branding experts are here to help you make it look good.