Why business branding is an investment, not an expense

If you want your business to grow and attract the right clients, professional business branding is the answer…

Here’s the deal:

Yes, branding costs money. But it’s an investment, not a business expense.

In much the same way as you would create a business plan and seek professional advice to help grow and improve your business, professional branding will serve to strengthen it still further.

Branding should be planned. It should be part of your business strategy. And it should never be done on the cheap.


You can’t market your way out of poor branding.

It doesn’t matter how much money you throw into marketing further down the line, every penny of it will be wasted if your logo, website and overall branding are inconsistent and notably unprofessional.

Before you start shining spotlights on your small business, you need to have a considered, consistent and compelling brand to convert prospects into paying clients immediately.

  • ‘Saving money’ on  professional small business branding will actually cost you money. It’s true. It may sound backward, but it’s true.
  • Amateur branding can have an adverse effect on your business. Sure, it saves you money in the short term, but you’ll soon start to see the true cost:
  • Poor branding efforts always lead to lower conversion rates, lack of engagement and poor market positioning.
  • The immediate impression made by the appearance of your business can be just as or more important to your customers than the products or service you’re selling. So you have to get it right.

But now you may be wondering:

How do I know for sure that branding provides a return-on-investment?

OK, so if you’ve ever bought a coffee or even bottled water from a premium supplier like Starbucks, then you’ll be (somewhat painfully) aware of just how powerful branding can be, and the effect it can have on pricing.

But here’s the rub:

Not all ROI is tangible, and this is where branding often gets tossed into the ‘expenses’ pile rather than the investment pile. But the benefits of branding are there, even if they’re not visible on your analytics dashboard.

What are they?

  • Client loyalty - Professional, relevant branding encourages brand loyalty and repeat business
  • Client trust - Professional design conveys a message of quality and consideration, meaning customers will trust your brand as one that operates to a high standard at all times.
  • Differentiation - Well-considered branding differentiates your business from the millions of others and makes it easily recognisable.
  • Positioning - Proper branding makes it possible to position your brand for the correct target market and strike a chord with your audience.
  • Clarity - Professional branding provides clarity of message and help explain your offering

All of the above translates into a healthier bottom line, you simply need the vision. Remember, absolutely no amount of marketing spend can make up for a lacklustre brand.

Want the good news?

Paying for professional small business branding isn’t the money mountain you’re imagining. Cheap branding is a bad idea, but the good stuff is actually affordable.


If you’d like to start your small business branding journey, then our 'Brand-Builder' package offers the essentials you will need, for a price you will like.