How can infographics benefit my business?

There’s only one way to begin a blog post about infographics, and that’s by looking at an infographic about infographics. Market domination media put together this infographic, which explores the reasons why this form of visual content marketing is so darn powerful.

For starters, it shows that our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Not only that, but we also tend to retain 80% of things we can see and do, as opposed to only 20% of text that we read. In other words, we’re a very visually-driven species, and businesses are consequently using this to their advantage when it comes to marketing.

But aside from the science, what benefits do infographics actually bring to the business table?

Increased brand awareness

The Holy Grail for all businesses, and especially start-ups and SMEs, brand awareness can be significantly boosted by a well-placed infographic. Graphics are usually designed to include the name of the company who created it, along with a logo, brand colour scheme, web address and sometimes, contact information.

Therefore, each time the graphic is shared and seen by new people, so is the brand. And let’s not forget that statistic about the 80% retention of visual information – the people who see your brand as part of an infographic are that much more likely to remember it. Winner.

Increased website traffic

Infographics are among the most shareable forms of visual content, and the really good ones spread like wildfire across social media. Not only does this mean yet more brand awareness and potentially a higher social following, it also means more people will click through to your website, either to view the graphic in full or to explore the business further. If used properly, infographic marketing can increase traffic by at least 12%, according to research by MG Advertising, which is not a statistic to be sniffed at.

Improved SEO performance

Have you ever heard the term ‘link bait’? Look it up; you’ll find infographics in the results for sure. The potentially viral nature of infographics makes other people more likely to post backlinks to your site upon sharing the graphic, which ultimately raises your profile in the eyes of Google and can lead to higher rankings in search results.

This is never guaranteed, of course, and Google is an unpredictable beast at the best of times. But links are still important for a healthy domain authority, online discoverability and rankings, so a few extra from your infographic is a bonus.

A sense of authority

Producing good quality infographics requires a lot of effort, research and knowledge in your field, all of which are highly evident in the finished result. Therefore, a really good graphic has the power to position your business as an expert in your niche, and make your website the destination for accurate and engaging information.

All of the above benefits are essential for any small business, and it’s incredible to think you can get them all from something as wonderfully simple as an infographic. However, a poorly considered and cheaply made graphic can do your business’ reputation more harm than good, so don’t go rushing in without the right help. Our designers are seasoned pros at creating clear, exciting and highly shareable infographics, striking the perfect balance between visuals and information. Plus, we're experts at affordable small business marketing communications, so we can make sure your infographics get seen by the right people. 

Drop us a line, tell us what you’ve got in mind and our SME marketing experts will get right on it.