Why business is a design issue

As Thomas J. Watson famously said, “Good Design is Good Business”, and he wasn’t wrong. An small business that puts time and consideration into implementing good design for their logo, branding and products will see it pay dividends further down the line.

The problem is that SMEs are often cash-strapped and not so inclined to part with the necessary funds to implement this vital visual support. Understandable as this is, it’s important to note the direct and indirect benefits that good design can have upon a business from brand awareness right through to conversions and company growth.

In a study of 1,500 businesses by the Design Council, 250 said design had a direct, positive impact on their business’ performance and that each £100 spent on design increased turnover by £225. And all of a sudden those impressive graphics and carefully considered compositions don’t seem such a waste of money…

Need more convincing? We hear you. Here’s more on why business truly is a design issue:

First impressions

They matter. We’re all taught that from an early age, and it’s especially true when trying to launch a new business onto a competitive market. You need to make a splash, and you won’t do that with a bad logo and inconsistent, unprofessional branding. Like a sharp suit for a big interview, your small business needs an outfit that will impress and give off all the right signals from the very first moment it meets the market. A well-designed business outfit will ensure you make a good first impression and not be ignored.

Breath of fresh air

If you’re launching into a particularly saturated market you’ll need extra strategic visual marketing communications to help you stand out from the crowd. Your USPs and product offering is one thing, but how you visually package them up could mean the difference between sales or no sales, clients or no clients. Be a breath of fresh air in your industry by harnessing the power of design to really sell what makes you different.

The conversion generator

Design isn’t just about making something look great (though that’s a strong start), it’s also about making things work properly. If your business website, for example, is well designed both in a visual and user experience regard, your business will generate far more conversions and revenue than one that skipped the design stage and rushed straight to market. Customers are far more likely to give you their money if your site works and looks good, it’s as simple as that.

Buy cheap, buy twice

We’re not saying that you need spend astronomical amounts of money to get amazing design services, because you really don’t. What we are saying is, if you skip the design process or pay your best friend’s nephew to knock a logo together for you, you are more than likely going to have to admit defeat a few months down the line and get a professional design overhaul. Invest early on in quality graphic design services, however, and you’ll find that your visuals stand the test of time and do your business no end of favours. It’s all about the long game.

It’s all well and good us telling you this, but ultimately the best way to get the message across is with visuals, naturally. So take a look at our Pinterest page for a pictorial party of our work, or head over to our client testimonials page for a sample of the SMEs we’ve helped already.

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